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“Chase your dreams until you catch them…and then dream, catch, and dream again! ”
Dee Marie

Welcome to One Haute Mommi! I hope that through my experiences and insight that you laugh, cry, are inspired, pushed, and enlightened. The mission of One Haute Mommi is to inspire you to Chase your kids and your biggest dreams. Our kids are constantly watching us and what better way to be an example to them then by living the heck out of life!

Check out the facts:

My wonderful spouse and I have been married for 6 years

My 2 daughters ages 7 and 4 light up my world

I have been blogging for 5 years

Born and raised in Chicago. Now residing in Dallas.

Type B personality and a bit of an introvert

Not a writer by profession (prepare for run-ons, misplaced commas, and bad grammar)

Professionally I work in Marketing for a Nonprofit. I hold a degree in Textiles, Apparel, and Merchandising and an MBA with a Marketing concentration.

Thanks for visiting my blog and welcome to the family!

To learn more about onehautemommi.com or to request my media kit send me an email at info@onehautemommi.com




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  1. I had no idea we had so much in common. I am HUGE on following your dreams while being an amazing parent. As a single mom it is very critical for me to teach my daughter by example that you can do everything you were created to do, if you believe, work hard/smart, and never give up. I’m so glad I was in the right spot at the right time today. Thank God. Here’s the link to my blog about my upcoming children’s book http://wp.me/pYnrD-2U. (I LOVE your sites by the way. So awesome.)

  2. christina king rogers says:

    Hey my fav cousin this post is way over due. I am so proud of the woman you have become. This blog is amazing and has shown me Gods handy work in your life. Keep up the good work. God save the best for last and thats you. Love you 🙂

    • Thanks so much! It really means a lot, you just don’t know! So many times I want to stop writing, but God keeps filling me with content to inspire myself and other people.I can’t help but share it. Love you too!

  3. Dee Marie says:

    Thank you so much for using my quote in the title of your beautiful article.
    Your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated.
    Wishing you a year filled with magical moments,
    Dee Marie
    Author of the Sons of Avalon saga

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