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10 simple things I’m grateful for

“Sometimes the little things in life mean the most.”― Ellen Hopkins

One day last week I came home from work, I had picked the girls up from their after school program, and I was doing my usual evening balancing act. I was helping with homework, cooking dinner, and trying to pick up a few things around the house from our usual morning tsunami. I had run up and down the stairs a few times, the girls were crying about homework, and it seems as soon as I would get back downstairs I would have something I needed to run upstair for and vice versa. I was quite at my wits end. I sat down for a second to complain and feel sorry for myself. At that moment, I began to think about how blessed I was and how I remember when we had no stairs to run up and down when we first got married and lived in a small one-bedroom apartment and shared a room with our daughter. I remembered the time I was unemployed and wished I had a job to come home tired from. I remembered the mothers who had lost children and yearned to hear them cry and complain again. I remembered all of those things and my attitude changed.

I began to think about the many times we take the simple things for granted. We become comfortable in our daily operations and take many blessings for granted that may seem simple but are huge if we were forced to live without them. Some small simple things seem small to us, but in reality they are big things for other people and for those things I am extremely grateful.

Here are 10 simple things I’m grateful for:

1. Being Tired.

I’m grateful for being tired some mornings because this means I stayed up late spending time with my husband or working on something I love.

2.Stretch Marks.

I’m grateful for my stretch marks because these are my scars of being a mother while some women can’t bear children.

3. Getting Fired.

I’m grateful I was fired that one time, if not I would have never found my purpose.

4. Overspending.

I’m grateful I spent too much at the grocery store. This means I had a little extra to spend feeding our family, and we bought things we would enjoy.

5. Student Loans.

I’m grateful for my mounds of student loans; it means I was blessed enough to have access to a good education.

6. Loud bangs and booms over my head.

I’m grateful for the loud laughter and the little feet that run above my head. It means my children are happy and healthy.

7. Mounds of Laundry.

I’m grateful for the pile and piles of laundry for it means we are blessed with plenty of clothes to wear.

8. Disagreements.

I’m grateful for disagreements for they made me stronger and helped me to love harder.

9. A full hard drive & low iPhone storage.

My storage is always low! I’m grateful for it means my phone and computer are filled with memories of the ones I love.

10. Not enough seats at our table this Thanksgiving.

I’m grateful our love ones will surround us.

11. Bonus (This space is for you…yes YOU) Leave a comment below and let me know what you’re grateful for.

“Gratitude means to recognize the good in your life, be thankful for whatever you have, some people may not even have one of those things you consider precious to you (love, family, friends, etc.). Each day give thanks for the gift of life.You are blessed.”― Pablo

One Haute Mommi presents…The Adventures of Taylor & Morgan!

Hello Everyone!

My daughters love YouTube, I know for a fact my youngest has contributed to thousands of views of children’s programming! They have been asking me for quite a while to film their own video and we finally did. These two have so much personality as you will see in this video and I hope you will support them by watching, sharing with your friends and family, leaving a comment, and of course by subscribing so you won’t miss any future videos!

Thanks so much for always supporting One Haute Mommi and now “The Adventures of Taylor & Morgan! Enjoy!

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12 Inspiring Quotes For When You’re Stuck in Between

I love inspiring quotes! If you’re a regular reader of One Haute Mommi or follow me on social media, you are sure to get a regular dose of quotes from me. One of the hardest places to be in life is in between. When you’re in between, you’re not quite where you want to be but also not where you feel you should be. Waiting can be tough, even for the strongest person. During my most difficult moments of waiting, typically when I was searching for my purpose it seemed like the one of the longest times in my life. Take it from me…the wait was totally worth it. If you’re in between this post is for you, if you’re not in between keep this one in your back pocket for a time when you’ll need it.

Here are 12 inspiring Quotes For When You’re Stuck in Between:

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What’s a quote that keeps you inspired when you’re in between? Share it below in the comments! Don’t forget to share this post with a friend who may need it.


5 things we can learn from Misty Copeland

Yesterday, Misty Copeland became the first African-American Principal ballerina in the American Ballet Theatres 75-year history. A principal dancer is a dancer at the highest rank within a professional dance company. Throughout her life, she has broken through multiple glass ceilings and overcome obstacles that would have caused most to quit. Her passion is to be admired and her story to be used as a lesson to young girls all over the world. Here are 5 things I believe we can all learn from her journey.

1. Timing is everything

“It’s rare that someone finds it so late, falls in love with it, has the passion, has the gift, has all of these things that it takes to make it” -Misty Copeland

Unlike most professional ballerina’s who began dancing and gymnastics at very young ages, Misty didn’t start taking ballet until she was 13 which is considered late for ballerinas in training. With no prior training within months, she had the ability to mimic tough choreography and began to excel. She had the capacity to learn training in months that it took others to learn in years. Timing is everything, never compare your journey to that of someone else.

2. In the words of Taylor Swift, the Hater’s gonna hate…Shake it off

“You can do anything you want, even if you’re being told negative things. Stay strong and find motivation”-Misty Copeland

She consistently faced discrimination from the beginning and surprisingly still battles through it today. At one point, she was told she didn’t have the body nor the talent for ballet. It was never easy to shake off, even at some points Misty wanted to quit. There were times she doubted that an African American woman would make it her level. She turned disappointment and doubt into opportunity and inspiration for the generations ahead.

3. Passion strengthens talent

“You must have the passion, strength, and belief that you can become anything”-Misty Copeland

It doesn’t matter where you’re from. If you have the passion like Misty, you can be the best at what you do. (via Time Magazine). Finding ballet gave Misty a love she never knew existed inside of her. She danced through stomach pains, migraine headaches and being an unlikely ballerina. Tenacity such as this is fueled by passion and can only strengthen the natural talent inside of you.

4. Your beginning doesn’t have to determine your present

“You must have the passion, strength, and belief that you can become anything”-Misty Copeland

Misty one of six children, growing up poor, single mother, and at one point living in a motel. She could have allowed her past to stop her or as a crutch, but she kept pushing, she kept dancing and has never stopped. You have the power to move beyond where you are. You will be surprised. You have the capacity to be someone great no matter how the beginning of your story started out.

 5. You have what you say

“It’s my goal to become, the first African-American principal dancer with ABT”-Misty Copeland

Many times dreams can seem unattainable. One of the biggest things that stood out to me about Misty’s journey was her ability always to see beyond where she was. She knew if she was going to keep climbing the levels of ballet she had to speak it aloud. While unpopular, in 2014 she told the New Yorker“It’s my goal to become, the first African-American principal dancer with ABT”. A year later the dream has come to past. Misty’s incredible story has opened the doors to many little ballerinas to come and inspired us all to keep pushing and not to be afraid to break the mold in industry’s around the world.

5 tips before talking to your child about racism

There are some tough conversations as parents we wish we never have to have with our children. Racism is one of them. Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve seen the countless stories and the racial tension that is brewing in our country. As parents, it’s important that our children learn from our voices. My husband and I are firm believers that certain first-time conversations shouldn’t be had with our children at school, amongst their peers, and if I can keep it real…out in the streets. We want our kids to know our voice and views on particular issues. From the pool incident in McKinney, TX to the Massacre in Charleston, SC conversations about racism with our children are more important now than ever. Being prepared for the discussion is almost just as important as the conversation itself. Have you ever had your child ask you a question you totally weren’t ready to answer at the time? Exactly, I can see your face because my face had the same expression. It’s not fun…you began to stutter, you either dismiss them or give them an answer you weren’t sure about. Be prepared.

Here are five things to consider before talking with your child about racism:

1. Just do it

Most people think there are children are too young to have a conversation about race. Between the ages of 5-8 years old is when children begin to notice the differences between themselves and other children. Speak age appropriately. It’s important to have a different conversation with an 8-year-old than you would for a 15-year-old. Certain events or illustrations may be too much for younger children. The last thing you would want to do is cause your child to be fearful or nervous about certain topics that will cause a breakdown in the communication. This won’t be an easy or one of those light-hearted conversations, but it will be worth it later.

2. Anticipate questions

Your child is going to have a ton of questions, so why not anticipate them. Take some time and write down questions that could come up and think about your answers or stories you could tell to help them understand. Do your research on the subject, be sure you support and clear on the information you’re giving. Another important thing is to not to worry about saying “I don’t know” or ask to revisit the question later. Your kids know that you aren’t an expert or Wikipedia, so it’s completely fine to come back later and give an appropriate response.

3. Foster their curiosity

Give your child room to be curious about the issues. When you hear the word curiosity, your mind automatically goes to younger children. Curiosity isn’t solely linked to younger children, but also prominent in teenagers, most of the time we don’t give them room to be open enough to share and ask honest questions for fear of disagreement, embarrassment, or just plain ole not wanting to know.

4. Think about how to start the conversation

Depending on the age, how you bring up the conversation can cause a break in communication. Time the conversation when you’re not tired, hungry and don’t have the time to give your full attention. The worse thing in starting a meaningful conversation is starting it and not having the time to fully complete it and to answer any questions that may come up.

5. Give homework and plan to have a follow-up conversation

Give your child homework and follow up with them a few days later. It’s especially important for parents of teenagers, don’t be pushy if they say “I’m good. Give them a little space and allow them to come to you. One of the best ways to get your child invested in what’s going on in their community or the world around them is to allow them to be a part of the solution. Ask them questions to get their input and assist them in making small strides towards a goal.

Bonus: Be an example

One of the best conversations you can have with your child no matter the age is through your actions. Be a role model and look for teachable moments every day.

Grateful for Dads

There was a recent survey that polled 300 participants. 78% of people chose that if Mother’s Day and Father’s Day fell on the same day, they would celebrate Mom over Dad. It is a well-known fact that in America billions of dollars are spent on Mom’s every year and only millions on Dad. This year I was on a mission to give honor to dads. Typically Dads get a bad rap; unfortunately, the absence of a few fathers has stolen the spotlight and honor of some excellent dads. Someone may not like this, but I don’t care…We even have women that attempted to steal the shine of men on Father’s Day! Father’s Day is for Father’s and because your child’s father isn’t stepping up to the plate doesn’t give you the right to take the honor away from the dads who are.

The media would have us to believe so many stereotypes about fathers. Such as they aren’t involved, don’t play an active role in the household and the raising of their children, and they’re not sensitive or affectionate. These things could be further from the truth. The Truth is some dads need to get their stuff together, but the bigger truth is the modern dad is on the rise. Dads are playing a more active role than ever in their children’s lives. I think in 2015 we have a new definition of what a dad is.

As I stated earlier, Father’s deserve their day and to be honored by their families. This year I started the #Thanks,Dad campaign where I invited OHMommi readers to submit pictures and short excerpts of why they were grateful for the fathers in their lives.

See what they had to say:

LaChaya, Dallas, TX

We couldn’t be prouder of you. When you’re around there is never a dull moment. You keep us smiling, laughing, and uplifted. Thanks for being the visionary of our family, mapping out our direction and future. Thanks for being a great father to our children, our superhero, provider, comedian, and showing us what true love is.

Happy Father’s Day!


Meeka, Chicago, Illinois

I am thankful for my dad because he has the biggest heart and DJ knows that he is loved even though they are miles apart.


Delilah, Chicago, Illinois

My husband, best friend, and soul mate on this day I want you to know that the girls and I are grateful that GOD has given us a man who protects, provides, and unconditionally loves us. You exemplify what a husband and father should be. I watch you with the girls and my heart fills with joy because you are such an amazing father. You give them your time and heart and that means the world to them. They love their papa and I love you. You will always be our world. Thank you for all that you do this day and always.

Love You


Meeka, Chicago, Illinois

I love this man because he is the most impatient man in the world, but he has taken the time and patience to build a relationship with my son and it filled my heart the first time I heard them say “I love you” to each other. He loves his daughter to the core and that is what attracted me to him!



Jess, Chicago, Illinois

Grateful to have an amazing role model & best friend. Someone to always play with and learn from.
I Love You Daddy, Jr. 😊



Faith, Dallas, Texas

I would like to show my soon to be husband some love. This is a picture of the beginning of his journey of fatherhood with our girls. We have 3 daughters together (2 of them in this picture). Although he is not their biological father, he has accepted the opportunity to be a father figure in their lives and has always been available for everything they need. He has shown us love continuously and we are forever grateful for who God has made him to be and look forward to our continuous journey together as a family. Happy Father’s Day Reginald L. Curry! ‪#‎YouRock‬ ‪#‎FathersDay‬‪#‎ForeverOurs‬‪#‎Number1Dad‬


Felisia, Chicago, Illinois

Thank you for being such a great Daddy. You work hard every day, you set such a great example for your son and sweetpea, what a real man is supposed to do for his family. With you, great things are possible. 20+yrs of friendship and You & I’s, has grown into ” Us “. Happy Father’s Day! Keep up the good work Daddy!


Meeka, Chicago, Illinois

Al, I am thankful and forever grateful for everything you have done for me and my son because you don’t have to do it, you chose to out of pure genuine love!


LaChaya, Dallas, Texas

I can’t think of too many times where I’ve written publicly about my dad. This guy in this pic was my world. He was my first love, he taught me about sacrifice and had the biggest heart. When I think about him, I see those same attributes in my husband. It’s been 16 years since he left us, but I still carry him in my heart every day. Thanks Dad for impacting our lives. Happy Father’s Day!9