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Not just another day out of school: Ways we can teach our children about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


Happy Martin Luther King Day!

Last night as I wrote my thoughts about the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on my other blog (Uncommon Dreamer) *shameless plug* I thought, how can I be remise and not share how his legacy affects our children. Today is not just another day out of school, a day to sleep in, and hang out, but it is a day of service for many, remembrance, and reflection on the life of Dr. King.

Here are a few discussion starters or activities you can do with your kids today:

1. Visit your local library or if you have a book a home, take this opportunity to read to your child a book about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr or the Civil Rights Movement.

2. Read to them the transcript or watch a video of the “I have a dream” speech. Afterwards allow them to ask questions about their thoughts and feelings.

3. Looking for something to do? Take a trip to a museum or other places that offer information on the Civil Rights Movement. Visit this website for a list of places to go in your neck of the woods.

4. Kids love arts and crafts and so do I! Click here for a link to coloring pages to print at home. Add it to some construction paper and have your kids decorate with markers, crayons, and other items you have at home for a day of fun and history.

5. Today is a day of service. Find some service opportunities in your area for you and your family. Click here for more info.

Have a great day!


A week in review: Haute Multi-tasking Mommi’s!


In cultured-media this week has been crazy! Just as we stop having heart palpitation’s from the ever so creative writings of Shonda Rhimes and her team of Gladiators

and realized that yes, we have to wait until February 27th to get our next fix of Scandal…. BOOM! Baddie Bey releases her fifth studio album and edgiest album yet! NO marketing. NO single. NO viral campaign. NO sneak peek. Not only did Beyoncé break the rules she made some new ones also. The bar is set. Who’s next? This should not only change music but how we start things in our lives…NO HYPE. Whatever you’re working on…Just drop it and fill in the spaces later. Thanks Bey for the inspiration! Let’s keep it real though, you still need Marketing! Don’t try this at home kids, Bey has a major following!


*Side note* She recorded this album, filmed the videos with no hype, on a world tour, all while being an Haute Mommi and wife. What’s my excuse!


This week Supermodel Gisele Bundchen shared a pic on her Instagram page of her breast feeling her 1-year old daughter while getting the full treatment by her glam squad. What a way to multi-task! I have breast-fed 2 little ones while doing many things, but a glam squad was not one of them. How blessed is she? When I first viewed this pic, I thought “Thank you!” This is real life…not the glam squad for most, but a glimpse into the life of a mother, replace the make-up artist, nail tech, and hair stylist, with a laptop, screaming 3-year old, and a bag of fries!
Have a great weekend!



TOTD: Excessive or Necessary

Fire drill. 
Earthquake drill.
Tornado drill.
Hurricane drill.,
Active Shooter drill.

Over the past several weeks, the news has been filled with reports on the schools response to the Sandy Hook shooting. Schools all over the world are conducting special trainings and drills to prepare children for the unthinkable. Recently Cary Grove School in suburban Chicago participated in an Active Shooter drill where simulated bullets were fired to prepare students to recognize real gun fire. In many cities like Chicago, government officials are attempting to make these types of drills mandatory for all schools. 

Over a month ago my five-year old daughter’s school had their first drill. As a parent it was unsettling but necessary, she is now aware of the realness of unnecessary violence. This situation has stolen a little of all of our children’s innocence and given them worries we didn’t have as children. 

I want to hear from you. What do you think, are Active Shooter Drills in schools excessive or necessary? Leave me a comment. 


I wish thanksgiving was everyday!

Dressing— my maternal grandmothers sweet potato pie–my paternal grandmothers homemade rolls–my aunts mac-n-cheese–greens–my moms pound cake–yes I’m HUNGRY!  I love all of these items dearly….believe me! BUT these reasons aren’t nearly close to why I love thanksgiving. For me the best part of thanksgiving isn’t about food but family and a day of gratefulness. My family has a tradition as many people do on thanksgiving, we go around a circle and tell what we are grateful for. Last week at bible study we learned about living with a spirit of thanksgiving aka”thanksliving”. How great would each day be if we treated it as if it were thanksgiving, not by serving a gigantic 10-course meal (that would be crazy), but if we dedicated some time out of each day to be grateful, specifically write down or speak what we are grateful for, to give thanks when we feel a complaint about to leave our lips, and making extra time for the ones we love.

Let’s strive to live everyday with a spirit of thanksgiving and a grateful heart , and let’s be diligent about sharing these grateful habits with our children in hopes of raising a grateful generation.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Photo courtesy of Google images

1 Thessalonians 5:18  in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

Guest Post: How to close the gap between ordinary and extraordinary

This a great blog post by Jon Acuff. Success always feels so far away and many people give up before they actually reach extraordinary, but if they kept on pushing and striving, they would have realized that they weren’t so far away from their dreams. This inspired to me to go a little further, and I hope that it inspires you also. Shoot for beyond the stars, and continue to Chase your kids and your biggest most wildest dreams! 

How to close the gap between ordinary and extra ordinary by Jon Acuff

We usually think the distance between ordinary and extraordinary is a thousand miles.

When we survey where we currently stand and where we’d like to land, the journey feels massive.

The gulf between who we are and who we want to be seems impossible.

The distance between what is and what could be seems overwhelming.

It’s not though. It’s a lot smaller than you think.

And two cups of yogurt reminded me of that recently.

I got the one on the left one morning at a restaurant. You’re supposed to put a handful of granola on top of the yogurt. But, even so, the cup was literally only half full. In their defense, there were a lot of people in line, things were hectic, and it’s just one cup of yogurt.

The cup of yogurt on the right was from a hotel I stayed at that same weekend. I had low expectations for the hotel yogurt. They’re not a restaurant. They’re first and foremost a place to sleep and not a place to eat. And yet, the cup was full.

The difference between the two cups is maybe two inches. Perhaps only a single extra scoop of yogurt. But those two inches made the difference.

When we see people we admire, we tend to assume they arrived at the platform they’re on via catapults. They cleared a million miles of life experience in a single bound and probably don’t even have any cavities.

That’s not true.

They got to where they are the same way you will. Inch by inch. Step by step. Yogurt scoop by extraordinary yogurt scoop.

A single action might not seem like much today. But whether you’re eating yogurt or trying to publish your first book, it can make all the difference.

Check our Jon’s blog at jonacuff.com