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Grateful for Dads

There was a recent survey that polled 300 participants. 78% of people chose that if Mother’s Day and Father’s Day fell on the same day, they would celebrate Mom over Dad. It is a well-known fact that in America billions of dollars are spent on Mom’s every year and only millions on Dad. This year I was on a mission to give honor to dads. Typically Dads get a bad rap; unfortunately, the absence of a few fathers has stolen the spotlight and honor of some excellent dads. Someone may not like this, but I don’t care…We even have women that attempted to steal the shine of men on Father’s Day! Father’s Day is for Father’s and because your child’s father isn’t stepping up to the plate doesn’t give you the right to take the honor away from the dads who are.

The media would have us to believe so many stereotypes about fathers. Such as they aren’t involved, don’t play an active role in the household and the raising of their children, and they’re not sensitive or affectionate. These things could be further from the truth. The Truth is some dads need to get their stuff together, but the bigger truth is the modern dad is on the rise. Dads are playing a more active role than ever in their children’s lives. I think in 2015 we have a new definition of what a dad is.

As I stated earlier, Father’s deserve their day and to be honored by their families. This year I started the #Thanks,Dad campaign where I invited OHMommi readers to submit pictures and short excerpts of why they were grateful for the fathers in their lives.

See what they had to say:

LaChaya, Dallas, TX

We couldn’t be prouder of you. When you’re around there is never a dull moment. You keep us smiling, laughing, and uplifted. Thanks for being the visionary of our family, mapping out our direction and future. Thanks for being a great father to our children, our superhero, provider, comedian, and showing us what true love is.

Happy Father’s Day!


Meeka, Chicago, Illinois

I am thankful for my dad because he has the biggest heart and DJ knows that he is loved even though they are miles apart.


Delilah, Chicago, Illinois

My husband, best friend, and soul mate on this day I want you to know that the girls and I are grateful that GOD has given us a man who protects, provides, and unconditionally loves us. You exemplify what a husband and father should be. I watch you with the girls and my heart fills with joy because you are such an amazing father. You give them your time and heart and that means the world to them. They love their papa and I love you. You will always be our world. Thank you for all that you do this day and always.

Love You


Meeka, Chicago, Illinois

I love this man because he is the most impatient man in the world, but he has taken the time and patience to build a relationship with my son and it filled my heart the first time I heard them say “I love you” to each other. He loves his daughter to the core and that is what attracted me to him!



Jess, Chicago, Illinois

Grateful to have an amazing role model & best friend. Someone to always play with and learn from.
I Love You Daddy, Jr. 😊



Faith, Dallas, Texas

I would like to show my soon to be husband some love. This is a picture of the beginning of his journey of fatherhood with our girls. We have 3 daughters together (2 of them in this picture). Although he is not their biological father, he has accepted the opportunity to be a father figure in their lives and has always been available for everything they need. He has shown us love continuously and we are forever grateful for who God has made him to be and look forward to our continuous journey together as a family. Happy Father’s Day Reginald L. Curry! ‪#‎YouRock‬ ‪#‎FathersDay‬‪#‎ForeverOurs‬‪#‎Number1Dad‬


Felisia, Chicago, Illinois

Thank you for being such a great Daddy. You work hard every day, you set such a great example for your son and sweetpea, what a real man is supposed to do for his family. With you, great things are possible. 20+yrs of friendship and You & I’s, has grown into ” Us “. Happy Father’s Day! Keep up the good work Daddy!


Meeka, Chicago, Illinois

Al, I am thankful and forever grateful for everything you have done for me and my son because you don’t have to do it, you chose to out of pure genuine love!


LaChaya, Dallas, Texas

I can’t think of too many times where I’ve written publicly about my dad. This guy in this pic was my world. He was my first love, he taught me about sacrifice and had the biggest heart. When I think about him, I see those same attributes in my husband. It’s been 16 years since he left us, but I still carry him in my heart every day. Thanks Dad for impacting our lives. Happy Father’s Day!9

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