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Haute Mom’s Have Purpose + Toni Robinson

Haute Mom’s Have Purpose is an interview series that features “Haute Mommi’s” who are not only experiencing great success in their careers, but also are present and active in their homes and personal lives. Let’s be inspired by the stories and advice by Moms who are just like us, Haute Moms with Purpose. 

 Being an active social media user it’s important for me to connect with people I wouldn’t normally have access to just going through everyday life. On Instagram I found inspiration in Toni Robinson the owner of Stilettos & Screwdrivers, an electronic repair service who repairs everything from your smartphone, computer, and even your dated Walkman (I hope you still don’t have a Walkman, just joking). It was refreshing to see not only a woman but a mother successfully build her business in a male-dominated field of electronic repair. Along with her Husband, Toni is building her brand, getting her hands dirty, and shattering glass ceilings all over the place. I hope her journey inspires you and when you have an electrical need or break the screen on your iPhone or Android, don’t hesitate to reach out to Toni of Stilettos & Screwdrivers!

| You’ve set out to change the face of technology and electronic repair, how did you get to this point and how did you see the need? |

 I’ve been in this business for over 15 years and one thing that has remained a constant is the lack of woman counterparts in my field. In school as well as in starting my career I was one of or the only female in the bunch, let alone black female. I want that to change because technology is such a profitable field to get into, opportunities to advance are here. Growing up as an inner city youth, you aren’t exposed to enough role models you can look up to and say “yes I think I can be an engineer”! We weren’t and still may not have that chance to see faces like ours doing computer tech work or digital design. So I felt the need to be the face a little girl or an underprivileged child sees and believe they too can achieve this goal of becoming an engineer or technician. It should be a normal occurrence that they see someone like me and believe in themselves. It’s not typical you see a woman owning an electronic repair company well; here I am!! I want to break stereotypes and defy the odds. It’s only right.

| What’s your favorite quote or saying? |

 It’s actually a scripture Proverbs 1:5, that is my favorite it says “A wise person listens and takes in more instruction; A man of understanding acquires skillful direction”.

 | You made a huge decision to leave your comfort zone and to take on a field dominated predominately by men. What was your motivation? |

 I started at a very young age with my mother’s coercion. She didn’t know what the field entailed, but she knew the technology field was a booming industry, and she told me to give it a try. I first started off in a trade school in high school that specialized in electronics and electrical courses. It allowed me to be then chosen to be an apprentice and learn firsthand how to troubleshoot and do repairs on real machinery. At that point I knew I wanted to continue in the field of electronics. I was always the only girl, even still I felt like I belonged there. I wanted to show the boys I can do what they do even better at times. It was always cool to see people’s reaction when I came to do a repair. Hopefully in the future it won’t be a surprise to see a female as a technician. My motivation most definitely is my children. They have this confidence that they can do anything, and I know seeing mom getting her hands dirty and do hard jobs is one reason they feel so confident. I let them be in my work environment, I let them know they can do anything they put their mind too. So instilling that in them gives me motivation because I have to be continuously the example of being able to do anything I put my mind too.
Embrace it Stilettos

| How do you find balance if that’s possible? |

 It is very difficult because it’s easy for one aspect of life to overshadow another but scheduling everything, giving adequate time for everything is necessary. Planning quality time for the family each week is necessary. When I’m home there is a certain amount of time for work then I give them my full undivided attention. Everything has a time and place.

| How important is having support? |

 I don’t know what I would do without it. I’m fortunate enough to have an amazingly, supportive husband that I can lean on to pick up the slack at home, and since we are in the same field, he helps with repairs as well. He will take the children out when I have to work late. He gives a listening ear. Support is everything.

| How important is it for mothers to find their purpose? |

I feel it’s absolutely necessary. We as mom’s get wrapped up with everyone else that we may lose our identity. Other than being a wife, a mommy who are You? It’s nothing wrong with having individuality.

| How did you discover your purpose? |

 I’ve always been a little different from everyone else. I use to hide my likes from other because they were not like my peers. Then I realized how stifled I felt, and for what? So I wanted to be an advocate for being yourself. Being different is what makes us unique from one another. Embrace it. My purpose came at a late age when I began to accept myself. Eccentric, eclectic, geek, diva, having so many facets of yourself, and embracing it, you inspire others to dig deep and see what they can give to the world. This allowed me the guts to venture out and develop an electronic repair company because I feel I can inspire others in an area dominated by males. Yes, I wear heels and makeup, yes I love to dress up and yes I can fix your laptop and phone with these items on lol.

| What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? |

 When trying to accomplish a goal don’t get too wrapped up with completing the goal that you miss out on enjoying the journey. There is so much to learn on each step leading to your final destination.
Best Advice-Stilettos

| How do you stay inspired? |

I always think of progressing, making myself a little better every day. I stay inspired by not forgetting who looks up to me. I remain motivated by knowing I am a role model that has to continue to reinvent herself.

| What advice would you like to share with other Mom’s? |

 Be the best mommy you can possibly be, give them love affection and attention, but don’t lose yourself in the process. Always do something that doesn’t involve any of the titles you hold as wife or mom. Do something you love. Keep your individuality and don’t feel bad for wanting to do so.

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