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I wish thanksgiving was everyday!

Dressing— my maternal grandmothers sweet potato pie–my paternal grandmothers homemade rolls–my aunts mac-n-cheese–greens–my moms pound cake–yes I’m HUNGRY!  I love all of these items dearly….believe me! BUT these reasons aren’t nearly close to why I love thanksgiving. For me the best part of thanksgiving isn’t about food but family and a day of gratefulness. My family has a tradition as many people do on thanksgiving, we go around a circle and tell what we are grateful for. Last week at bible study we learned about living with a spirit of thanksgiving aka”thanksliving”. How great would each day be if we treated it as if it were thanksgiving, not by serving a gigantic 10-course meal (that would be crazy), but if we dedicated some time out of each day to be grateful, specifically write down or speak what we are grateful for, to give thanks when we feel a complaint about to leave our lips, and making extra time for the ones we love.

Let’s strive to live everyday with a spirit of thanksgiving and a grateful heart , and let’s be diligent about sharing these grateful habits with our children in hopes of raising a grateful generation.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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1 Thessalonians 5:18  in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.


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