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Hello Again. Welcome to 2015.

Instagram Post-2I’m an 80’s baby and growing up in the 90s, remixes reigned supremee on our radios and the ever so popular single cassette tape I popped into my boom box. Many songs had remixed versions that seemed to go harder than the original versions, so much so that if today I played you a version of certain songs you would look at me side-eyed as if that wasn’t the song you remembered. Who could ever forget the infamous remix of Jodeci’s “Come and talk to me“, Destiny’s Child “No No No Part 2”, or Brandy’s “I want to be down ” remix featuring Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, and YoYo.
Have you ever seen a vintage home originally built in the 1800’s or early 1900’s completely revitalized with modern touches and it’s original detail giving it the essence of a completely new home?Beautiful right? Diddy thought he invented the remix, but I beg to differ. As I began to pray, plan and strategize for 2015 I began to throw out words I needed to model my year after. As you know in 2014 my word for the year was Jump (if you have not read it you can click here and here to be brought up to speed). As I began to throw out ideas words like revitalize, repurpose, refocus, and readjust kept coming up. Then the word Again came up. I repeated Hello Again.
I write stuff down, that’s what I do. Sometimes I write in a Moleskine notebook, other times really small on post-it notes, and most of the time in Evernote. As I glanced through these notes, I realized that year after year I came up with new ideas, new business plans, new to-dos, but eventually moved on to newer shinier ideas. So what happened to those ideas i never worked on do they just sit in my notebook like a trophy on a mantle as to say look what i thought of or do I take them and breathe life into them again. Now I’m not saying every idea or thought needs to be resurrected, just the ones that mirror my purpose, where I currently am, or where I’m looking to go in the future.
I found my purpose in Again, so I’m just crazy enough to think that maybe God hid some other treasures in thoughts, ideas, and visions he previously gave me. God doesn’t only give us new things, but his specialty is making all things new! 2015 will be my year of Again! Hello Again.
Jump again.
 Begin again.
 Born again.
Dream again.
Laugh again.
Love again.
Start again.
Succeed again.
 Start over again.
Write again.
Breathe again.
Create again.
 Live again.
 Try again.
Revisit again.
Find purpose again.
I saw this meme on social media a few times over the past week and it is so fitting to this post. There is something in each one of our lives we need to revisit or pursue again. That might be the one thing that introduces you to your purpose.
What are some areas in your life you need to say Hello Again to? Leave me a comment below!
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Be encouraged! Happy New Year! #HelloAgain2015

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Jump Series: 2014, The Year I Jumped (Part Two)

(Click here to read Part One of the Jump Series)
In almost every language imaginable, the word quit is seen as a negative connotation. It means you gave up, said forget it, or even to some shows a sign of mental weakness, but not so. In many cases, quitting is a sign of strength, obedience, and necessity for many.
In my culture you find a job, you work, and if they will have you…you retire. You don’t quit. Who leaves comfort for uncertainty and familiarity for the unknown…. I did.
From early on in my childhood I can vividly remember knowing where I wanted to be, but wasn’t too sure about the middle part. Have you ever had the perfect sleeping situation set up? You had the perfect pillows, the mattress was comfy, your blanket was nice and soft…but you couldn’t sleep. I’ve had many moments like that in my life…the setup was perfect…but I could never clearly get comfortable in the middle to get to my ideal end.
 In high school I was a below average student, I was accepted into college through a program who gave students with below average grades and low test scores a “chance”. I took this chance and throughout my college tenure I received several dean list awards and graduated with honors. In college, I immediately declared my major in Marketing, I had always been fascinated with advertising and how it was connected to various brands, but soon changed my major because I felt like the business program was too difficult and I became distracted and decided to take a different route.
The day after my college graduation, I interviewed for an Admissions Advisor position at an online University through a staffing agency. After the interview I received a call back from the office manager stating they didn’t choose me for the position, but would like to hire me for a different position within the agency itself. I worked there for almost 3 years, and I was fired. I was devastated, I remember crying thinking who would fire me?? I later realized God was trying to take me somewhere else, but I couldn’t get there unless I let some things go. That summer after I was fired, I looked for job after job, had interview after interview and nothing. I decided to make the most of my time and signed up at my church to volunteer. A volunteer opportunity turned into a temporary opportunity that turned into a full-time position. I couldn’t deny that God had a plan for me, but I just wasn’t quite sure what that plan was. Throughout those years I learned so much and was exposed to a wealth of opportunities and resources. One day I had the opportunity to sit in a branding workshop and a light bulb went off in my head and in my heart. It was as if I was reunited with my natural instinct. I had been reunited with a passion I had totally buried with life and forgotten about. My middle was finally clear! Part of me felt revived and ignited, but another part of me felt like a complete idiot for wasting so much energy focusing my career in directions I wasn’t meant to go in.
Proverbs 3:5 (NKJ)
5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; 6 In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.
My life has been filled with these different moments and many different paths…paths I didn’t choose for myself, but ordered by God. I prayed, fasted, and seriously sought God’s plan for my next path and when he brought it to me, there was no way I could step back from the edge. Many times on your way to your next level you will have to separate from something and an old part of you has to die. For me it wasn’t just a job, it was a family. To leave was one of the hardest decisions I think I’ve ever had to make, but I had to be true to myself and open to where God wanted to take my family and I.
One night during dinner, my seven-year old said grace at our table, and after grace she asked if she could add something. She continued, “Thank you God for this beautiful house, thank you for Mommy’s new job, and thank you that she is following her dream that she dreamed of since she was a little girl. Amen.” That’s why I quit.
I hope this post inspires you to jump and to step out on faith in some areas in your life, and to also revisit areas you may have forgotten about. My word for 2015 is Again. I believe God is going to use us in some areas we have forgotten about or that have become buried by life. Many times it’s easier to come up with something new rather than to finish what we started.
Leave me a comment, what have you started in 2014 or previous years that you need to finish in 2015? What’s your word or phrase for 2015? 

Hello December, Goodbye 2014. 10 things you need to do before 2015.

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Is it me or do years go by faster than they did when you were a kid? 2014…what a difference a year makes. There is no way in January you could have told me I would be where I am in December.

“Be totally open to go where life wants to take you”. -LaChaya Terry (Like this quote? Click here to tweet it)


I don’t know one person who doesn’t look forward to the beginning of a new year. We see glimpse’s of new opportunities, renewed vision, and determination. Why do we limit these feelings to New Years when we have the same chance of newness every morning?

Today is December 1st, which means we have 31 days left in 2014. 31 days to use wisely. If you want 2015 to be a successful year. It doesn’t start on January 1 at midnight. It starts today.

“Your new year, starts today”-LaChaya Terry (click here to tweet this quote)



Here are 10 things you need to do before 2015.

1. Plan, plan, plan. “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” ― Benjamin Franklin

2. Set you focus for the year. Many times we don’t complete our goals because we either set too many or not enough. In December, set a focus for your year and attempt to ensure that your big goals fit into a specific category.

3. Put an action plan in place. Write it down, create a special calendar, or utilize your reminders on your cellphone. Whatever you have to do to keep you on task in 2015. We can all have great vision and ideas, but if we don’t put a plan of action into place many times we end up doing nothing.

4. Get organized. While things are quiet in December, use this time to become more organized. Brush off those time management skills, this way in January you aren’t trying to figure it all out, but you are ready to hit the ground running.

5. Start working out now. We all know the gyms will be packed in January filled with people fulfilling their New Year resolutions. Get started now while the gym is empty from all the people who rather not work out during the holiday season. Put your plan in motion now and by January you will already be in your rhythm.

6. Ask someone to be your accountability partner. Find a partner to keep you encouraged, but also to keep you focused. It’s easy to get off track when you’re the only person who knows your to-do list.

7. Join 5 new groups on Facebook or subscribe to 5 new blogs that pertain to  your yearly focus.

8. Put your dream items on your Christmas list. Many times we tend to stick to items we want and shy away from items we need, but if in 2015 you plan on starting a business or working on your dream, a new sweater can wait. Don’t be afraid to put on your employee grab bag list or other Christmas lists planners, organizers, Go daddy or Legal Zoom gift cards. Your dream will thank you later.

9. Assign yourself at least one challenge in 2015 to disrupt your comfort zone. Take small baby steps of faith in 2015. Do something at least once in 2015 that totally terrifies you.

10. Spend time reflecting on 2014. What worked for you in 2014? What didn’t work? What were your successes or failures? All of these questions and more can help you do more of what worked and help you change habits or add new habits to make 2015 a successful one.

11. Bonus: What something you need to do in 2014 to ensure your success in 2015? Leave me a comment below!