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Tires just don’t roll: A few hours with Bridgestone

This post is sponsored by Bridgestone. All opinions are my own.

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Earlier this month I attended a Bridgestone Tires “Drive and Learn” event at Toyota Park. Normally these events are held for car dealers, but their new initiative to educate moms brought a few of us mom bloggers to learn and also have a little fun too.

As a mother the most important asset is protecting your family and when you purchase a car the first thing you should look for is safety, but who knew your tires had such an impact on enhancing the safety of your car. Yea sure before attending this event I thought I was maintaining my tire safety by putting air when the tires were low and replacing them when needed. I never once considered my car’s performance when buying tires, all I needed to know was that the tires were brand new and in my price range.

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 After a quick lesson in Tires 101 and Car Care we hit the outdoor track, fun right? I was terrified! My ideal track is the route back and forth to my daughter’s school and while running a few minutes late.  We test drove four different Bridgestone tires on the BMW 325s on a wet and slippery track. I never knew 30 mph could feel so fast. Don’t believe me? Check out this video.

Here are a few quick tips I learned:

1. Tire pressure is important! Just because the tire isn’t low doesn’t mean the pressure is correct. Check the label in your door to see the PSI your tire should be at. Also don’t ignore your cars pressure sensor.

2. You get what you pay for in tires. Don’t just buy for price! Buy for comfort and handling also.

3. In the wintertime, don’t wait until there’s snow on the ground to put on your winter tires. Put them on when you start to see your breath outdoors. It’s not about snow, but temperature.

4. Ditch the automatic car washes. Did you know those tracks could damage your tires or break off your tire sensors which can be costly?

5. Good tires can save money on gas. Who could stand a save a few bucks at the tank??

Learn more about tires at tiresafety.com