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Get some Popchips in yo Potbelly! *Giveaway Alert*

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Last week my girls at Chicago Blogger’s Network reached out to me for an opportunity to check out Popchips new fall flavor “Sweet Potato” now offered at all Potbelly Sandwich Shops. Now anyone who knows me knows I have a “healthy obsession” with Sweet Potato. Sweet Potato Pie…. Baked Sweet Potato…Sweet Potato fries…Sweet Potato Cheesecake…just to name a few of my faves. So Potbelly sent me a few coupons for free sandwiches and those moist chocolate chip cookies and it didn’t take much convincing after that. For those of you who haven’t had the opportunity to become better acquainted with Potbelly Sandwich Shops here’s a little background. Potbelly was born right here in the Windy City opening their first shop in Lincoln Park in 1996. Known for their made to order sandwiches, antique decor featuring local artifacts, and delicious shakes and sweets.

On Saturday afternoon after taking my girls to their Girl Scout troop meeting we decided to head over to Potbelly’s for a healthy dinner and to grab a bag of Popchips. I ordered a PB&J and soup for the girls (the PB&J is no longer on the menu, but they will gladly make one for your kiddies) and I ordered my usual Uptown Salad topped with chicken, fresh lettuce, apples, grapes, craisins, red onion, blue cheese, crunchy walnuts, and Potbelly’s signature vinaigrette dressing. I usually order a cup of chicken enchilada soup to accompany my salad, but it wasn’t the soup of the day so I branched out and tried the spicy black bean soup and I think it might be my new favorite. Of course I finalized my meal with a bag of Sweet Potato Popchips!

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Although I have noticed Popchips in Potbelly Sandwich Shops before this was my first time trying a bag…let’s just say I have a new addiction. I have to be honest; I’m not big on healthy chips. I feel like if I’m going to eat chips, they might as well have all the taste, but these Popchips were different. They have the just the right balance of sweet, salty, and the crunch we all love. It’s safe to say I will be waiting by the mailbox for my free one-month supply!

I have two giveaway opportunities for you to get involved in!

#1 Potbelly’s and Popchips are giving away a trip to Chicago, concert tickets, a year supply of Popchips, a year supply of Potbelly Sandwiches, and much more! To enter visit http://popchips.com/potbelly/ and follow hash tag #sweethomechicago on Twitter.

#2 For OHM readers, thanks to PopChips and Potbelly, I’m giving away a months supply of Popchips and a Potbelly Sandwich Gift Card! Click here to enter: a Rafflecopter giveaway

*This post is sponsored by Popchips and Potbelly Sandwich Shops. All opinions are my own.

Sucker for Mothers

Happy Monday! Hope that you all had a great weekend. I did! In fact I had a very busy one….but I can say I learned something valuable from each day.With all that was going this weekend, I truly learned that I am a “Sucker for Mothers”. Last night as I was reflecting on the weekend and my Mother’s Day, and I realized that I am a great mother because I am surrounded by other great mothers. I received some really great Mother’s Day cards this weekend and this year I really “READ” them and took the words to heart, and I know that I wouldn’t be able to read those words about myself, if it wasn’t for my mother, my grandmother’s , aunts, cousins, friends, and YOU (yeah You). Some people may say “well my Mother wasn’t such a good Mother, but I am determined to be a great one”. We didn’t only learn from things our mothers verbally taught us and good things we observed them doing, but we also learned from their silence, imperfections, and mistakes to be Great Mothers….Haute Mommi’s.

On Thursday, I attended the 2012 Good City Gala. Good City is an organization that provides resources to non-profit entrepreneurs that seek to make a difference in communities that desperately need it. My takeaway from this event is that there is so much more that each of us can do to change a community. This is why One Haute Mommi is so important to me because I know if I can empower a mother than fathers, children, and households can be enhanced and pushed to operate on a greater scale. Check out their site at goodcitychicago.org

Friday, I had the opportunity to attend a concert with my besties, I love these women, and they are crazy just like me! They are a great group of women and mothers, and every time we get together we laugh a whole lot and learn so much from each other! I also learned that FREE isn’t always good (insider, lol).

Saturday, I attended a Mother’s & Daughters Brunch at Hickory Hills Country Club with my Mom and Morgan. This place brought back so many great memories because this is where my husband and I took our vows, it looked as beautiful as I remember four years ago when we viewed the property for the first time. The brunch was a great time for bonding between Mother’s and Daughters, many Daughters shared words of Thanksgiving for their Mom’s and Mom’s shared “Word’s of Wisdom” for their Daughters.

Finally! Happy Mother’s Day! Sunday my family and I continued our family tradition of participating in the Y-Me Breast Cancer Walk. We walked 3 miles aside of 30,000 + people walking for breast cancer survivors, themselves, and family members. My leg is still sore from all that walking! That evening we spent invaluable time with our family.(Learn more about Y-Me at y-me.org)

How was your Mother’s Day?



What more can I do?

This week I had a compelling personal call to action about my commitment to inspire people and to truly make a difference in the lives of others. This afternoon I felt like I had been punched in the gut after thinking about the unfortunate death of Florida Teen Trayvon Martin who was fatally shot by neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman as he walked from the store, 6-year-old Aliyah Shell who was shot as she sat on her front porch with her mother, and the other 40 people shot last weekend in the City of Chicago. When does the madness stop! Almost four months into the year and Chicago has already hit the 100 homicide mark for 2012. This is the fastest in seven years.

So today I questioned myself, What more can I do? My answer was SOMETHING. I’ve watched the news, tweeted about it, and had countless conversations about it and at the end of the day, I had to ask myself, Have I made a difference in my community? I know that I am only one person and I can’t save the world, but if I can touch one person, maybe two, and if more people had this outlook, I think our city could be better. It’s not just up to the Parents, Pastors and Community leaders, Police, Mayor, President Obama, but it’s up to US too, whether it’s through motivational speaking, blogging, mentoring, rallying and other programs. So today I ask you, we all want it to stop, What more can you do?