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While You Can

Have fun while you can…..Sleep while you can…..Enjoy life while you can….Live life while you can….Travel while you can….Party while you can!!

If you haven’t heard these statements before, wait for it….you will! When I was in college, adults continuously told me “You better enjoy life while you can, because when you graduate, you will be a member of the real world.

This scared the heck out of me! When I starting working my first job out of college at a staffing agency, I remember sitting at my desk day after day depressed because I felt as if life was over for me. In college I was constantly surrounded by friends, being in a constantly moving environment, and here my life ended in a cubicle. It wasn’t until I realized that life hadn’t in fact stopped, but it was just beginning! That job at the staffing agency wasn’t the job I was meant to have forever, and the faster I adapted that mindset the happier I became in my present state. As adults we become so focused on our present that we can forget that our future is brighter.

Life doesn’t start when you graduate from high school/college or when you begin your first real job, life begins when you start walking in your purpose and embracing every step along the way. Life doesn’t stop when you get married or have kids, it’s just the beginning. No matter which stage you are in life your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and above, married or single, it’s never too late to work on your purpose, follow your dreams, and have fun! While you can is while you still have breath in your body, and if you are reading this you are alive! So live life and make history, while you can!

Losing yourself to find yourself

Can you believe there are 83 days left in this year? This year is flying by! The kids have returned back to school, the weather is changing, and I have an entire list of things to complete before this year is out. This week Taylor lost her 1st tooth, exciting right?! I never knew how emotional I would be over a little tooth! When she was around 3 years old and her older cousins were losing their teeth, I remember her crying because she hadn’t lost her teeth yet. Well the other day when her tooth finally fell out, instead of her being as excited as she was 2 years ago, she was kind of disappointed because she missed her baby tooth. We began to explain to her that in order for her to have a newer, bigger tooth, her old tooth had to come out first. Isn’t life sort of the same way? We have to clear out a lot of old things, ways, and mind sets to make way for something bigger and better.

Check out the definition of Find:
verb (used with object)
1. to come upon by chance; meet with
2. to locate, attain, or obtain by search or effort
3. to locate or recover (something lost or misplaced)

A lot of people are constantly trying to find themselves, their purposes, and as we wrap up the year, I wanted to share my thoughts with you on the subject.Have you ever considered that If you want to find yourself, you might have to lose something first.

1. The first step to finding yourself is to first consult God. Pray, fast, read your bible, and start a relationship. How can you know where you are going if you don’t know who God created you to be and the plan to he has for your life (Jeremiah 29:11). Die to self daily and seek direction, the worst thing you can do is to seek to find yourself without God only to find yourself somewhere you were never meant to be in the first place.
2. Know who you are. On the road to finding yourself, it is sooo important not to get caught up in what everyone else is doing and being influenced by your surroundings, because you will end up chasing dreams you were never meant to chase and wasting time finding someone else other than yourself. Look into your past, things you are interested in, and your personality, all of these play an important role in your future.

3. Find out what missing or what needs to be lost. As stated in the definition in order to find something you have to first acknowledge that it’s missing or in the case of life,something needs to be lost or removed in order to find yourself. Reading or studying could be missing, a lack of focus could be missing, making time could be missing and the list goes on. You may need to lose certain relationships, friendships, or habits that are holding you back.

4. Make room for your new self. As we told Taylor, when your new bigger tooth grows in, you have to be sure to take care of it and not to eat candy because it has to last you a forever. Same way with your new self, now that you have this new outlook or new purpose, be sure to take care of it, do what’s necessary to maintain and not to fall back into old habits or routines.

The Power of Unhappiness

“Discontent is the first step in the progress of a man or a nation.”
― Oscar Wilde

What are you tired of? It could be that very thing that is pushing you closer to greatness. No one likes to feel discontent, unhappy, defeated, sadness, misery, uneasy, or dissatisfied. In fact most of us do everything in our power not to experience those feelings. As much as we don’t like it, it can be that very thing that is pushing you to the next level in your career, school, life and most of all pushing you to CHANGE.

Many businesses have been started, books written, and career changes have been attributed to discontent. Most people would never be where they are today if they never experienced some sort of disappointment or discontent. Look at Oprah, she grew up poor, raped at nine, pregnant at 14, counted out plenty of times, but look at her glory. Walt Disney was fired from his newspaper job because his boss said that he lacked imagination and good ideas (really? Walt Disney?), if he had never been fired would we know of the Disney empire today? Michael Jordan one of the greatest basketball players of all times, was cut from his High School basketball team, yet he used that discontent to work harder at his craft.

I could give you example after example of using your disappointments and discontent to your advantage and as an opportunity to push harder, do more, and take your life to the next level. My pastor always says “A setback is a setup for a comeback”! So if you are going through a tough time, don’t throw a pity party, dust yourself off and move closer to greatness.




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Before I Die……













Photo Credit: http://beforeidie.cc/

I ran across this AWESOME site! A girl named Candy in New Orleans after the loss of a friend, she began to reflect about all the things she wanted to experience in life and became interested in what others wanted to explore. She painted the side of an abandoned building in her neighborhood into a large chalkboard and stenciled Before I die I want to_________________. Now all over the world in Berlin, D.C., Dubai, New York, Milwaukee, Chicago, and the list goes on and on, chalkboard’s have gone up and people’s hopes and dreams are shared in public.

What a cool tool to find some new bucket list items that you might want to explore that you never thought of, public affirmations to get closer to completing those dreams, and for some healing and closure.

One Haute Mommi has viewers from all different walks of life, people who are living in different stages, and places…..Let’s create a virtual Before I Die board. You can post your statement in multiple ways:

1) Leave it in the comments

2) Email: onehautemommi@gmail.com (put Before I die in the subject line)

3) Via Facebook (facebook.com/onehautemommi)

4) Via Twitter (@onehautemommi)

5) Get your family and friends involved!

As I receive the statements I will post them to the site under the tab Before I die or onehautemommi.com/before-i-die-virtual-wall/ and they will all be posted anonymously.

I don’t plan on dying anytime soon, I have too much to do! I will kick it off!

Before I die I want to skydive.

Before I die I want to travel to Paris.

Before I die I want to be apart of the change in my community.

Before I die I want to run a marathon.

Before I die I want to see my daughters get married and have children.

What you got?




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Guest Post: in honour of the fact that life is short

Happy Friday! As much as I love to share my thoughts with you, when I am inspired by others, I want to share it with you guys also. I have read this post everyday this week and saved it as one of my favorite blog posts to date. This is a simple post, but it made me view each day of my life differently.

This post was written by author Danielle LaPorte, check out her site daniellelaporte.com and you can also follow her on twitter @DanielleLaPorte . Also check out her book in stores titled “The Fire Starter Lessons”.

in honour of the fact that life is short

wear your white shirts. get them pressed.
use your good dishes — everyday.
shave on weekends.

do not wait for special occasions.
do not tuck your best away in the drawers, in the back of the closet, in your heart.
don’t wait for holidays or invitations.

declare that your today is the special occasion.

call instead of emailing. (it feels so good to connect.)
go for coffee.


renounce your glory days. you’ve told all of those stories more than twice.
focus forward.

wear perfume for yourself. toss your only-wear-around-the-house clothes and let your good clothes graduate to around-the-house status.
intend to feel good all of the time.

write your book.


make great sex a priority. (this alone will make you more creative and free. on your death-bed, you will think about all the great sex you had this lifetime.)

burn your to-do list.

write poetry. One a day.

make a point to be as encouraging as possible, as much as possible, to everyone possible.

don’t look back.

if you feel like you’re always failing, consider that this is part of being an artist. let it be a divine inclination. keep going.



eat real food.

often refuse to be in the presence of people who make you feel repressed, anxious, or pull your frequency down.

do not entertain haters.

send light to the haters.

give it away. you probably don’t need it and someone else does.

turn off the tv.

let it be easy.

burn candles. during the day.

fall in love. with yourself. with the person you’re with. with the persons in your orbit.
because no one is perfect, but you can let the love be perfect for the both of you.
because everyone — everyone — is a doorway to God.
because you can get there from here.

because life is short.

What goes on in the dark…..

How many us have heard the statement “What goes on in the dark, will come out in the light”? The other day I was thinking about that statement and how it is always used in a negative way. If a person suspects that someone is being sneaky, they will quickly throw in a “well you know what goes on in the dark…..”I believe this statement is true, but I have come to know that it is not only bad things that come out of the dark, but some good things also have been birthed out of darkness.

Where do most of your dreams happen? The average person dreams four or five times a night. My deepest thoughts come when I’m just laying in bed with no television or no twitter, I just allow my mind to wander, think, and come up with ideas. That’s why it’s so important to have a pen, paper, or even utilize your note pad in your phone. When great ideas come and you wake up from that awesome dream….write it down. There are so many great ideas that have come out in the dark, that have been lost and never made it to the light. I need all of my dreams and ideas to come out into the light, and so do u!

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Don’t get distracted!

At the end December and the beginning of January everyone is buzzing about their plans to be better in 2012 and around the 3rd week of January many people start to lose momentum and get distracted from the goals they set in the beginning of the year. How do I know? Because I am guilty of it! The pressure is on to do all of these things that I wrote down that I would accomplish this year and guess what! It’s not easy! So here is our wake up call!

Don’t get distracted from the goals you set in the beginning of this month, don’t let your dreams and your list fizzle out by February,  wake them up and let’s get to work.I have realized that in order to be successful this year, you have to make up in your mind that you are going to be successful on purpose and intentionally set out to finish. It is easy to start, but it is hard to finish something. So this week sit down and look at your list again or if you don’t keep a list, start one and think about all that you want to accomplish this year and break those goals down into smaller more attainable goals that are more realistic. This way you won’t feel overwhelmed and end up quitting them before you even get started.

Don’t be distracted by anything or anyone, get focused on the ultimate goal and start checking those items off of your list. Being successful is a choice, it just doesn’t happen on accident or by chance. You have already made up in your mind that you want it, now let’s go get it!!!!!!!

What are some of your goals for 2012? Thoughts? Leave me a comment

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New Year, New Site!

Welcome to the all new OneHauteMommi.com! I am sooooo excited that 2012 is finally here! I never really get too excited about a New Year— I just kinda just jump into it. But this year feels sort of different and I’m sure you feel the same way too. I have a higher sense of expectancy and I can’t wait to see what 2012 brings. OneHauteMommi is starting the year with a brand new site that is enabled to be more interactive through comments than the last one, so don’t be shy…..I would love to hear from you! The focus of OneHauteMommi is Chasing kids and Big Dreams. As parents or soon to be parents we become soooo consumed with our families and work and all the other ten thousand things that we do that we forget about pursuing our dreams. So the upcoming posts will focus on chasing down our dreams and becoming better parents… and all those crazy, fun moments in between. So join Team OneHauteMommi and let’s take this wild and crazy journey together while chasing our wildest dreams and these doggone kids 🙂

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