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Feeling pretty crafty-creating Thanksgiving arts & crafts at home


One thing I love to do with my girls at home are arts & crafts, it’s a great way to spend time together and brings out my inner childlike creativity. I can’t wait to do more with them!

Two nuggets I learned from my oldest daughter while doing our crafts.

1. Perfect is boring. She told me this 5 times! My interpretation, don’t spend so much time on making sure the lines are straight, the real beauty is in the creativity.

2. Make it your own. After we finished making our turkeys, they wanted to draw on them and make the turkeys their own. The perfectionist in me said, “no leave them as they are”! My oldest daughter said in art it’s ok to make it your own. She gave her turkey a heart. (This made me smile)

I hope this craft fosters great family moment’s in your household this Thanksgiving!

Paper Plate Turkey


2 Paper Plates



A pack of Construction paper (red, brown, green, orange, yellow, white)

Glue Stick

Crayons or Markers

Click here to download my turkey craft traceable


First, take one paper plate and measure a sheet of brown construction paper over it. Cut the construction paper in the shape of the plate. Then, staple the brown circle to the paper plate. Take the second paper plate (you can also use a small paper plate) measure it with a large can or circular object and cut the plate into a small circle for the turkey’s head. Take another piece of construction paper and cover the smaller plate as before. Staple the paper to the plate.

Next, (use the guide provided, if needed) cut six feathers using multiple colors. Use the glue stick and stick the feathers between the paper plate and the construction paper. Next cut out two small circles, beak, wattle (my oldest taught me that term), wings, and feet. Glue them all to the turkey.

Finally, let your child decorate the turkey or write things they are thankful for on the craft.







Have fun!


Monday=Fun Day

Growing up I remember every Saturday we got up earlier then should be allowed on a Saturday and we went to eat breakfast at OHOP (Original House of Pancakes for those who are unfamiliar). No matter how late I went to bed, rain or shine, we were there every single Saturday. It was an unspoken rule in our house that Saturday’s were Family Day. It is moments like those that shaped my life and created so many fun memories with my family, that I will never ever forget.

So a month ago we deemed Monday, “Fun Day” in the Terry Household. We let our oldest daughter pick what fun family activity we will do every Monday and we make it happen! We wanted to have something fun for our kids to look forward to as many summer weekends are usually filled with Weddings, Baby Showers, and BBQ’s, although the kids like to go, it is usually more fun for us than it is for them.

Creating a fun family day doesn’t require a ton of money, but some special time, and lots of love!

Check out these pics from our previous Monday Fun Day’s!

Our first Monday we went bike riding and had a day at the park
Beach day!
Trip to Brookfield Zoo
Water Day at home and water balloon fight
Chuck E. Cheese

I need more PATIENCE!!


Happy Monday!!

I have always known even before I had kids that I could use a tad bit more patience (well maybe more than a tad bit). It didn’t really hit me until last week when my four-year old told me that she wished that I was a teacher like her teacher Ms. Meagan, because I am impatient. She went on to tell me that Ms. Meagan was very patient with the kids in her classroom when they were crying or something wasn’t going their way. Ding! A light came on, my four-year called me on the carpet, I have to do better! I think when you are used to working with adults  you begin to have a suck-it-up and get-over-it-quick mentality and it spills over into your family life. As working parents it’s so easy to have busy days at work and then come home and have a busy day at home and forget about the little things such as kissing boo-boo’s and giving a little more personal attention without the television, Facebook, twitter, email, games, friend’s etc. I read an article the other day that talked about unplugging one day a week and just using that time to just have some old-fashioned family time with no distractions. I think that I am going to try that with my family, I am sure we will love it…..and I am going to work on my patience, I don’t want my daughter to have to get after me again!

What do you think about unplugging? Leave me a comment!