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5 Ways to Make Personal Growth a Priority

5 Ways to Make Personal Growth a
“This post is part of International Quality of Life BlogIt Day, sponsored by Sodexo.”
“The key to ultimate happiness and fulfillment lies within our transformation. The more we learn and grow and evolve as individuals, the more we will find happiness and satisfaction in relationships, work, and life.”
― Kristi Bowman
Since the day we are born, it is an expectation that we are to grow physically and mentally. When you are a child, you can’t wait to become a year older and to matriculate from one grade level to the next. As parents, we expect our kids to grow, in fact growing makes us happy. It gives us a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. Should the expectation be the same in the workplace? Outside of the monetary satisfaction how does work contribute to your quality of life?When you think about it, you spend more time at work than you do at home with your family. Many people spend those 8-10 hours being completely unhappy, unsatisfied, not experiencing personal growth, and consequently that unhappiness spills over into their home lives and lingers in personal relationships. We are just a few days shy of the 2nd month of 2015, and our quality of life should be top on our list of what we expect to accomplish this year.Quality of life is defined as the standard of health, comfort, and happiness experienced by an individual or group.

I am grateful to have worked for two non-profits who took pride in promoting individual growth, provided access to resources, and even showed interest in projects and personal aspirations. My own vested interest in my growth is important to me in the workplace and outside of it. I realized a long time ago my personal growth was my responsibility. I was in charge of my growth, promotions, and also limitations.

I realize that everyone doesn’t have the luxury to work in an environment where personal growth is accepted and its more like the crabs in a barrel environment. No matter which category your personal growth lies in, I have compiled five ways you, yourself, and you can do to ensure you experience the growth necessary to experience the quality of life you deserve.

1. Find out who you are.

You cannot, I repeat cannot know where you are going, unless you know who you are! If you want to experience personal growth in the workplace or outside of it for that matter, you have to first know what you are reaching for. Many times we can become frustrated about where we are and make rash decisions when it pertains to our career, partly because we haven’t discovered our purpose yet.

2. Make a commitment to grow.

I remember when I first started my working in the non-profit field, I was working in finance. I had no previous financial experience, but I was willing to learn and grow. Almost every year (outside of my scheduled employee evaluation) I submitted a growth plan to my boss and it contained my highs and lows of the year, what I could work on, and where I wanted to be in the next year. I made it clear to my employer before he ever presented it to me that I had a commitment to personal growth.

3. Connect with others who want to see you grow.

It is a great thing to be surrounded by people who wish to see you become. If you don’t have people around you that fit where you are going, it may be time to seek them out. If you have a boss who is open and want to see you experience growth have a conversation with them about your aspirations, allow them to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, don’t be afraid to ask for more challenging assignments and responsibility.

4. Keep learning and enhancing your skills.

Many times we get comfortable and become stagnant, and before we know it, we haven’t moved in five years. One of the best ways to combat that type of behavior is with learning and exposing you to new ideas and opportunities. Most companies offer tuition reimbursement take advantage of those programs and take a class, go to seminars, conferences, and make it happen. Many times we can be inclined to sit back and wait for others to acknowledge and notice us, but the responsibility lies in our hands.

5. Do it for your happiness.

When you experience personal growth your quality of life changes. You will thank you and the people around you will notice the difference in your personality when you are experiencing personal growth.

Leave me a comment below! I want to hear from you, what would be #6 on your list of making personal growth a priority?

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Creating New Possibilities: Part One

Happy New Year! I’m so amped about 2013!

I’m looking forward to change, growth, and all things new. You didn’t hear from me much in December and there is a reason behind it. It wasn’t because I was too busy or didn’t have anything to write, but taking time to grow, figuring out areas personally, and to trying to take it all in. Sometimes in life you have to take time to slow down and figure out where I’m going, what do I want, and why am I here. I realized how important my future is and I had to learn to allow myself time to grow if I wanted to continue to have value to add.

One of my personal goals for 2013 is to “Create Possibilities” for myself and through One Haute Mommi to inspire you to create new possibilities for yourselves.

Lets dig deeper into creating possibilities:

create (kriːˈeɪt)

1. to cause to come into being, as something unique that would not naturally evolve or that is not made by ordinary processes.
2. to evolve from one’s own thought or imagination, as a work of art or an invention.

possible (ˈpɒsɪb ə l)
— adj
1. capable of existing, taking place, or proving true without contravention of any natural law
2. capable of being achieved: it is not possible to finish in three weeks
3. having potential or capabilities for favourable use or development.

So my definition of creating possibilities is to cause or to do everything possible to achieve positive results in your life. There are something’s in life where you wait for things to happen and other times you have to make things happen. In 2013, I want to creatively use every resource I have to ensure I have no reason to fail.

Every year, New Year’s resolutions are made and we run into one year while crawling out of another, but this year…..vow to change something. Sure, make a list and plan out your year, but if you truly want to make progress you have to change your habits and create new possibilities that wouldn’t normally be possible unless you change some ways you operate.

Some of you may be thinking where do I start? Do you say these things to yourself?

1. I need a new career, a total life makeover, or my marriage and relationships could use direction.
2. I need a change in my life.
3. I need to find my purpose.

You are not ALONE! There millions of people asking themselves those same questions, how many of them are working hard to answer them? Stay tuned for more on “Creating Possibilities”

New Year, New Possibilities!


Get out of my way!

Get out of my way!!!! Sorry…..I wasn’t talking to you, I was talking to myself.

“A sign of wisdom and maturity is when you come to terms with the realization that your decisions cause your rewards and consequences. You are responsible for your life, and your ultimate success depends on the choices you make.”
Denis Waitley

As I get older, I really begin to realize that the only person that can stop me from being successful or completing things that I am working on is……ME. How many great ideas has God given me? How many opportunities have I passed up, because I didn’t speak up? How many opportunities have I missed out on. The answer is A LOT! Fear is a crazy thing, we will pray about stuff and ask God to move and when he gives us the green light, fear steps in and stops us. As the quote states, your decisions cause your rewards and consequences, and I want to stop talking about chasing my dreams and ideas, and actually move to the place of action and eventually completion.

I have to stand up and make the choice to stop playing defense with myself, and allow myself to get to the hoop and score. I have the tools I need, I have the help, the only thing is missing is for me to get out of my own way and sit down and watch God work. I think for many people it is a fear of being successful, all the “what if” questions that we plague ourselves with. For others, it could be complacency, we stop reaching for more and become comfortable right where we are.

Here are a few tips for getting out of your own way:

1. Pray about it. Give everything that you fear to God. Pray that he leads you in the right direction and don’t be afraid to move when he gives it to you.

2. Stop thinking about the “what if’s”. Thinking about them never got anyone that has a successful track record anywhere.

3. Find an accountability partner. Link up with someone that you don’t mind sharing your goals and struggles with and have them hold you accountable.

4. As Nike says, “Just do it”

What is it that is in your way? Whatever it is choose today, to get out of the way.

Don’t get distracted!

At the end December and the beginning of January everyone is buzzing about their plans to be better in 2012 and around the 3rd week of January many people start to lose momentum and get distracted from the goals they set in the beginning of the year. How do I know? Because I am guilty of it! The pressure is on to do all of these things that I wrote down that I would accomplish this year and guess what! It’s not easy! So here is our wake up call!

Don’t get distracted from the goals you set in the beginning of this month, don’t let your dreams and your list fizzle out by February,  wake them up and let’s get to work.I have realized that in order to be successful this year, you have to make up in your mind that you are going to be successful on purpose and intentionally set out to finish. It is easy to start, but it is hard to finish something. So this week sit down and look at your list again or if you don’t keep a list, start one and think about all that you want to accomplish this year and break those goals down into smaller more attainable goals that are more realistic. This way you won’t feel overwhelmed and end up quitting them before you even get started.

Don’t be distracted by anything or anyone, get focused on the ultimate goal and start checking those items off of your list. Being successful is a choice, it just doesn’t happen on accident or by chance. You have already made up in your mind that you want it, now let’s go get it!!!!!!!

What are some of your goals for 2012? Thoughts? Leave me a comment

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Vision Boards: Visualizing your goals

This past weekend me and my besties made our vision boards for 2012. This was a very uplifting, freeing, and relaxing activity that I look forward to creating every year and at different turning points in my life. We had a great time over some food, good conversation, and tasty Paula Deen’s Strawberry Pound Cake (yum). While creating our boards some of us found out that we were more creative than we thought 🙂

Here is a pic of our boards:

For those of you who don’t know, let me give you a little background on what a vision board is. A vision board is a collage of images, words, and quotes that visualize what you want to be, have, or do in life. A vision board is like your goals and passion all put together in one place. The goal is to hang or place it somewhere you can frequently see it and where you want to be on a daily basis. A vision board is equivalent to writing your vision down, but is depicted though pictures. Many people pray over their vision board and also use it as a tool to focus their year. Most vision boards are done at the start of a new year, birthday or new period in life.

I want to encourage you to make a vision board of your own and start visualizing your goals, wants, and passions, then at the end of the year you can look back at your vision board and see how you have grown and what you have accomplished.

Here is a list of items that you need to get started:

A Poster Board, Cardboard, Large Picture Frame, or Shadow Box

8×10 card stock paper for a background (optional)


Glue stick

Scrapbooking words or pictures (optional)

Large assortment of Magazines

Feel free to share pics of your vision board in the comment box!