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10 Things you to took for granted as a kid you wish you had as an adult

Now that I’m an adult looking back on childhood, being a kid was much easier than I thought. My only responsibilities were to go to school, clean the bathroom, and play! Oh those were the days! As most kids, I couldn’t wait to grow up, that’s all we talked about, when I’m grown I’m going to do this, when I grow up I’m going to have! Can I go back? LOL!
So I compiled a quick list of things we took for granted as kids, we wish could do or have now that we are adults.
1.Naps. I didn’t fully want to take advantage of naps as a child. Maybe I thought I was going to miss something!
2. Falling asleep in the car or on the bus. There wasn’t a car/bus ride where I didn’t fall asleep! A car/bus ride for
me was an instant sleeping aid.
3. No Worries and stress.
4. Not having to pay for anything. You went everywhere and did everything thing and always wanted to spend those few dollars you had! Now that I’m an adult can we go back to the way it used to be!
5. Chores. I hated chores and got paid an allowance to do them! Now I get to clean the entire house for free!
6. An in-house cook. My mom prepared home cooked meals every night but of course liver and onions never sounded good and still don’t!
7. School was your job. I couldn’t wait to get my first job and have responsibility, now I wish all I had to do were to go to school.
8. Blissful ignorance. When I was growing up I thought everyone was middle class, grew up and found out, we were all struggling!
9. Creativity and Imagination. I made a car out of a couch, a stage out of a radiator, blankets into a house, and turned a closet into a bedroom. I wish creativity flowed so easily now.
10. What’s one thing you took for granted as a kid that you wished you had as an adult? Leave #10 in the comments.
Be encouraged.

Ask who not what

Last week I attended a bible study and we had a discussion around how most people as kids were only asked “What” they wanted to be when they grow up, as if the career or job title are the only method to define us as individuals. As I reflected I never remember being asked personality traits that I wanted to exude as an adult. If asked “What” am I, I could rattle off job titles, responsibilities, etc. etc. but if I was asked “Who” am I, that’s a different story, it would force me to think a little longer to come up with an answer.

So as parents I think it is equally important to have our kids set their sights on their dream job or career, but it’s also helpful to help them define who they are now and who they hope to be in the future. What are some traits that I want my daughters to have as teenagers and adults? I want them to be intelligent, honest, responsible, respectable women with integrity.

The other day my brother was having a conversation with my daughter about what she wanted for her birthday. She told him and he responded by asking her “what if you don’t get it” she responded and said “Well, I will be happy with whatever I get”. I immediately thought, we are doing something right! At 5 years old she already has what some people don’t have at age 25, a true sense of appreciation. It’s not always what you say to your children as much as it is the example that you set for them.

Keep focusing on the who…..