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Sometimes we don’t realize how blessed we are just to have our health, a place to sleep, and safety. This week, my four-year old Taylor has been sick and as a parent it felt like the end of the world because no parent wants to see their child ill or uncomfortable. Yesterday, on our way from the doctor’s office, she spotted a man sleeping under the viaduct and she said why is that man sleeping outside, why doesn’t he go home. I explained to her that some people aren’t fortunate to have a place to live because they may not have a job or money, and her response was, why don’t they just go to the bank? I chuckled and said, the bank doesn’t just give out money (although I wish they did), people have to work for money and then they put it in the bank. She said oh….

Overtime I will be sharing with you great causes that I have come across, and feel free to share some with me, as we look to help other people out that might be sick, down on their luck, living in a third-world country, or just need help. I know you may be thinking, “hey, I’m struggling too”, but supporting doesn’t always take money.

Here’s a way you can get involved today:

Ronald McDonald House Charities help families that have children that are hospitalized with life-threatening illnesses or diseases. RMHC has partnered with HP to provide encouragement to families living in their houses. All you have to do is visit www.hpesmiles.com and send an eSmile to the Chicago Ronald McDonald House and HP will donate $1 to that home to continue to provide care. The eSmile can be a poem, note, picture, or whatever you think can make the day of someone else. Their goal to raise $50,000 by April 15th.

Have a great weekend!