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Kindergarten Anxiety

It’s that time of year! The new year school is here, new book bags, new folders, pencils, uniforms, Yay Nooooo……and BAM…..It hits me! I am so excited about my baby Taylor going to kindergarten and all of a sudden I have the feeling that I’m not ready…..she’s ready….but I’m not. Deep down I know there is no turning back, she will always be my baby, but not A baby. There is something about starting elementary school that seems like the beginning of forever, after all she will spend the next 19 years or so in school learning, meeting new people, growing, and being influenced.

If you are like me and are experiencing “Kindergarten or First Day of School Anxiety” imagine how our kids feel? Here are a few tips with coping with the First day Jitters.

1. Find a cool book about starting school or Kindergarten. Kid’s love to read about other kids adventures and the associations can also help. (Check out Countdown to Kindergarten, Keisha Ann Can, and Mouse’s first day of school)

2. Put a smile on your face 🙂 Don’t let them see you sweat about leaving them on the first day or week for some kids.

3. Don’t linger too long. Give them an opportunity to say their good byes and have faith in the teacher to distract and comfort them.

4. Start the back to school routine before school starts, it’s tough to jump back into that schedule after a long & fun summer.

As scary as it is for me, I know that through these experiences her life will be shaped, she will meet some great new friends, and learn a whole lot that will carry her through the next 19 years of education.

The Road to MBA

Hey y’all! Thank you so much for hanging with me! Life has been sooooo crazy, with the busyness that already accompanies the summer months, Taylor graduating from Pre-K, and finishing up my graduate degree.

This has been a longgggggg road,  three years filled with late nights, long papers, and never-ending threads. In between Morgan was born and life happened. But I’m still here! I am so grateful for all of the love and support that I experienced during this time. As an adult with a family, when you make the decision to go back to school it is not only an adjustment for you, but it is one for your entire household. When I get my degree on Sunday it should read LaChaya, Darrell, Taylor, Morgan, and Bernice because they were just as responsible for my completion of this than I am, I couldn’t have made it without my TEAM.

As I get ready to pull up to graduation on Sunday, my last stop on the Road to MBA; it is really a time of reflection for me. If I could be transparent with you guys…….I am nervous! The pressure is on to use all of this information that I learned, to continue to be productive, not get too relaxed, and not to mention student loans!!!!! As fear begins to sit in…..this feeling is all too familiar, this is the same feeling of uncertainty I felt when I first made the decision to start grad school…what if I fail…….what if the work is too much, and look at me now at the end of another chapter of life. I can’t wait to experience what the next chapter holds as I chase kids and BIG dreams.

Thanks again for your support!

If I didn’t have kids I would……

How many times have you heard someone say this? How many times have you used this in regards to your career, school, dreams, or goals?

Does this sound familiar?

Girl, if I didn’t have these kids I would be back in school in a heartbeat……Man, if I wasn’t married I would move to another state and pursue my dream…..if I wasn’t a single parent I would open up my own business and quit my job…..I don’t have the time……I don’t have the resources.

This is going to hurt but here goes! Sorry to break this to you but these are EXCUSES! Let’s stop using having kids, being married, or a single parent as an excuse to not complete what we know we should be working on.

Having a family should not hinder us but it should push us even harder to do more, because we have these little people who are watching everything that we do, it’s even some grown folks watching us for inspiration. So leave the excuses behind and get about your business! As a married woman with kids, I had to learn that I can’t do what works for other people who aren’t in my situation, but I had to accept opportunities that I can handle. So that may mean that I can’t go to school during the day or after work, but I may have to take weekend only or online courses to fit with my family structure or I may not be able to only work on starting a business, but I might have to work a 9-5 also. It is never easy when you are doing a whole lot, it can be a lot of late nights, early mornings, and stressful afternoons, but when you have greater responsibilities you have to make a greater sacrifice.

I am truly blessed with a great support system, it isn’t easy having a family, going to school, working, blogging, and chasing dreams. I thank God for blessing me with a supportive husband that understands the value of the investment of my personal time that I am pouring into school and my career.

So whatever it is that is holding you back from finishing, writing that business plan, dreaming, writing, baking, moving, saving, creating etc. LET IT GO, time is ticking stop making excuses and start chasing down those dreams.

I hope you are inspired by what you read, share onehautemommi.com with your family and friends TODAY!

Have a great day!