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5 ways being a parent taught me to be a leader


Family Matter’s is one of my favorite sitcoms from the 90s. The main character Steve Urkel filled the show with his unhelpful accidents, irritating snorts, and his famous “Did I do that?” The show also highlighted the Winslow family, who much like the Huxtable’s portrayed positive family values. In one episode, the mother Harriet went on a job interview and the interviewer asked her if she had supervisory experience and her response was yes, I have three children and a husband, I manage a household and it’s expenses, I cook meals, and manage several schedules! I am a leader!

Do you know you are leader? Yes, you…if you are a parent, can run a household, teach life lessons, mediate sibling rivalry, and still have something to smile about! You are a leader!

DISCLAIMER: I am not endorsing these thoughts to be used in an interview setting. These are merely my thoughts on how being a parent taught me to be a leader.

1. Know the who.

If you treat your 8-year-old like a 3-year-old it will blow up in your face like a bad science experiment. Know whom you are dealing with even adults.

2. BYOE (Bring your own energy)

Don’t let a screaming child or a difficult adult steal your energy or your joy for that matter. Bring your positive energy home and to work.

3. Manage the good.

See the good in people; it’s easy to focus on the bad parts. Write down 5 things you notice and admire about your children and your co-workers/employees.

4. Know who’s in charge.

Just as children need to be molded, corrected, and many times reeled back in, so do team members and employees. If you are in a position of leadership, use maturity and wisdom to communicate expectations.

5. Overnight Celebrity.

Embrace the process; don’t be discouraged if progress doesn’t happen overnight. Just as it takes 9 months to have a baby, it takes years to raise a child, and it also takes time to become a great and a respected leader.

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Deuces Diapers: Part 1

Throne, potty, the pot, bathroom, toilet, pee-pee room, the little girls and boys room, and powder room.

Whatever you call it, all of us had to master it at one point in life, some later than others 🙂 I thought my second go-round with the potty would be easier. Hey I thought this is my second child, she’s a girl, my oldest got it pretty quick…….I’m good! With my oldest daughter Taylor, I started introducing the potty at around 18 months, by her 2nd birthday she had it, no accidents or anything. My method…..I let her walk around the house with no bottoms and when she had to go she went to the potty….no more, no less.

With Morgan my youngest, my experience has been quite different. I don’t know if it because I feel like potty training is the end to babyhood and were not planning on having anymore kids or she just isn’t ready.  So I realized that in fact she is pretty much ready to start potty training, it’s really me that isn’t ready to let my baby graduate into a big girl. I won’t miss changing diapers…..buying diapers….oh yeah and buying diapers. I had to come to terms that although she won’t be a baby in age and actions, she will always be my baby, diapers or not.

This week we branched out into our 2nd Round of Potty Training…..I’ll let you know how it goes….First the paci is gone and now this.




Leave me a comment! What has been your potty training experiences?