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One Haute Mommi presents…The Adventures of Taylor & Morgan!

Hello Everyone!

My daughters love YouTube, I know for a fact my youngest has contributed to thousands of views of children’s programming! They have been asking me for quite a while to film their own video and we finally did. These two have so much personality as you will see in this video and I hope you will support them by watching, sharing with your friends and family, leaving a comment, and of course by subscribing so you won’t miss any future videos!

Thanks so much for always supporting One Haute Mommi and now “The Adventures of Taylor & Morgan! Enjoy!

Click the video below to view or visit YouTube.com/Onehautemommi

LMBO Friday’s 2/17/12

Man! Friday’s come around mighty quick, IJS (for you none social media people, that mean’s I’m just saying). This Friday, I wanted to share with you some very funny guys from Chicago on YouTube. One of my friends showed me their videos and I cried laughing (that’s not hard for me). I am a promoter of good and I like to support people who are living life to the fullest in the right way.

Check out these hilarious videos!

How to praise in the club

Jerrel Johnson Speaking life to them

Enjoy your weekend!

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