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What goes in eventually comes out

What goes in eventually comes out! Literally and Figuratively! LOL

 As parents we do our best to teach our children what’s right and we only hope that one-day what we teach them they will exhibit or do on their own. Being a parent is what’s called a “Thankless Job” you do it day after day without a raise, reward, pat on the back, and even sometimes a thank you. Our greatest reward as a parent is to have raised a responsible, grateful, and respectful adult.
In our household we are not super religious, were not always praying aloud, holding hands, gospel music is not the only type of music we listen to, but we are raising our children to love God and one another, to pray, and to be grateful for everything they have. Last week the girls we’re playing in their room and writing. My youngest was giving my oldest names of family members to write and she took dictation, as a big sister should. My oldest that is six then asked “Can I write a letter to God?” I said “Sure!” She ran off to her room and a few minutes later she appeared with this letter to God.
I listened as she read me the letter and tried not to let my eyes fill up with tear as I said “Good Job Baby!” I thought to myself, what you put into your child, eventually comes out. I hope letter brings you much joy and encourages you to write your own personal letter to God, not only that, but to parents of older children who may have lost their way despite you teaching them the right way. Don’t worry, what you put into your child eventually comes out. Sometimes it’s quick and other times it can take a while, but it will come out.
Be encouraged.


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