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What would happen if you say no to fear?

You might actually live the life you dream of.
You might inspire someone else.
You might get out of that cubicle.
You might actually fall in love.
You might actually be truly happy, joyful, and peaceful.
You might actually climb out of the box.
You might change the lives of others.
You might find your dream job.
You might adopt.
You might get married.
You might plan for the future.
You might give.
You might work really hard.
You might chase your dreams.

Removing fear isn’t a guarantee that life will be easy, but removing fear is a guarantee that you won’t stay where you are.

How many times have I let fear stop me? Fear is meant to make you feel all alone as if no one else understands you. Boy is that wrong! I understand what it feels like to be paralyzed by fear and I realized that it is far better to be scared and move forward than to be scared and remain stagnant.

Which will you choose?



  1. CD says:

    I agree as well, we definitely have to make the decision to move forward regardless of how we feel. This was a much needed reminder, thanks for sharing!

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